Aqualease™ Water Based Release Agents
A truly effective line of water based release agents
that address both process performance and environmental compliance.


Process Compatible
  • Excellent Release from complex mold
  • Low mold build-up.
  • Reduced mold maintenance.
  • No Fill-In on textured surfaces.
  • Excellent grain definition.
  • Apply with conventional spray equipment,
    brush or wipe on.
Aqualease 50 Aqualease 50 is a unique stable aqueous emulsion of silicone polymers formulated to release synthetic foam and solid urethane elastomers. Aqualease 50 gives excellent release, and reduces build-up normally associated with water based release agents. Most molded parts can be post finished following solvent vapor degreasing, or hot water alkaline wash and clean rinse.
Aqualease 75 Aqualease 75 is an improved concentrated emulsion of silicon polymers derived from Aqualease 6102 featuring corrosion protection and improved film formation. This formula is designed to release synthetic and natural rubber, microcellular and solid polyurethane elastomers, epoxies, and thermoplastic resins.
Mold Cleaner 2508 Mold Cleaner 2508 is a unique blend of active solvents formulated to remove build-up associated with molding thermoset resins such as polyurethanes, epoxies, polyester and vinyl esters. This cleaner will clean mold release and resin residue from steel and aluminum surfaces.