Aqualease 50

Solvent Free, Non-Hazardous

Aqualease 50 is a unique stable aqueous emulsion of silicone polymers formulated to release synthetic foam and solid urethane elastomers. Aqualease 50 gives excellent release, and reduces build-up normally associated with water based release agents. Most molded parts can be post finished following solvent vapor degreasing, or hot water alkaline wash and clean rinse.


  • Aqualease 50 is a water based carrier that is low cost and ready to use.
  • Aqualease 50 provides excellent release and film formation with no volatile organic solvents and low toxicity and odor.


  • Preheat mold to operating temperature.
  • Spray using a HVLP type spray gun. Apply a light coating before each molding cycle. (Excess release agent may cause surface defects on the molded parts).
  • Should mold build-up occur, dilute Aqualease 50 with 1 part water.
  • Aqualease 50 is a stable water emulsion of silicone polymers, but repeated or prolonged freezing may cause separation. Should this occur, mix well before using. This product will freeze at 32°F.


Thorough cleaning of molded parts is required prior to staining, painting or bonding. Clean solvent such as mineral spirits will remove any residual oils on the parts surface. In addition, hot alkaline power wash units will remove the release compounds. For suggested cleaning procedures, consult a technical representative.

Aqualease Appearance Weight/Gal Freezing Point Safety Data Sheet
Aqualease 50 Milky Fluid 8.0 - 8.2 lbs. 32°F Download SDS
  • Use adequate protection when handling any release solvent systems.
  • Skin contact my cause dryness.
  • Wear safety glasses or their equivalent to prevent eye injury.
  • Avoid inhalation of excessive amount of solvent vapor.
Technical Service:

Technical Service specialists are available to assist you with your mold release requirements. They can recommend specific formulations, cleaning procedures, and equipment to meet the particular needs of individual customers. For technical assistance.. Contact Us