Mold Release Products

Mann Formulated Products offers the following quality mold releases for all your processing requirements.


Ease Release

The Ease Release line of mold releases offers formulations developed for high volume industrial applications.

Find the right release for your processing requirements

  • High Volume Casting
  • Fast Cycling
  • High Heat Deflection
  • Injection Casting
  • R.I.M.
  • Compression
  • Part/Mold Cleanability

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Ease Release 200

Model and pattern release agent for making epoxy, urethane and platinum cured silicone molds. Produces satin finish.

Ease Release 300

Excellent release agent for casting polyurethane elastomers and epoxy resins. Features low build-up and paintable castings after proper cleaning.

Ease Release 400

Superior release for cast polyurethane elastomers with excellent gloss. Not paintable.

Ease Release 500

TEFLON-like release and contains no silicones, oils or wax. Finish on the cast part is “matte”and most molded parts do not require cleaning prior to painting.

Ease Release 700

Designed to release polystyrene, polyethylene, wax, synthetic rubber, acrylics, phenolic, melamine and metal castings from aluminum, chrome, epoxy, polyester, rubber, and steel molds.

Ease Release 2300

High performance heavy-duty silicone release similar in characteristics to Ease Release 300. Formulated to provide excellent release of polyurethane elastomers.

Ease Release 2831

Wax based release agent for urethane elastomers and foam. Temperature Range: 150-230°F (65-110°C). Room temperature release agent-sealer on plaster molds.

Ease Release 2910

Superior release agent for casting complex designs using polyurethane elastomers.

Ease Release 6577-5

This product also releases compression molded Thiokol rubbers, EPDM and other synthetic elastomers.

Mold Cleaner 2508

General purpose mold cleaner for metal molds. For cleaning mold release and polymer residues.


Solvent Free, Non-Hazardous. A truly effective line of water based release agents that address both process performance and environmental compliance.

Process Compatible

  • Excellent Release from Complex Mold Surfaces
  • Low Mold Build-Up
  • Reduced Mold Maintenance
  • No Fill-In on Textured Surfaces
  • Excellent Grain Definition
  • Apply With Conventional Spray Equipment, Brush or Wipe On

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Aqualease 75

Aqueous silicone release agent concentrate for polyurethane elastomer molding.

Mold Cleaner 2508

General purpose mold cleaner for metal molds. For cleaning mold release and polymer residues.

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